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Newly Adopted Policies

On May 11th, the Policy and Portfolio Subcommittee of Technology Services Board (TSB) recommended approval of several policies/standards.  Based on this recommendation, these policies/standards have been adopted pending approval by the full TSB.  The modified materials are posted on the OCIO Website at

Standard 113.40 - TBM Reporting Solution Standard

Standard 113.40 – TBM Reporting Solution Standard



The reporting solution used within the TBM Program to track, monitor and report IT expenditures is from Apptio, Inc.


TBM Taxonomy Standard

161.03 Hydrography Data Standard


Hydrography data is a critical base data element used to support Washington State’s mission of protecting the environmental quality of the air, land, and water resources of Washington state.  The objective of this standard is to designate a single, common hydrography data model for agency geospatial data, geographic information systems, and data exchanges.  Geo-data that is built on common technical standards:

State GIS Maps Assist Senator Cantwell

   Geospatial Program Office Announcement:

The OCIO’s Geospatial Program Office received a request from Senator Cantwell’s staff on April 1, 2015.

They wanted to know what the population density was within a ½ mile of all active Class 1 railroad lines in the major metropolitan areas of Washington State and needed the information by April 6th.