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Technology Business Management

Getting Started with TBM

Developing the Statewide Cost Model

In the State of Washington, cost modeling is done in accordance with the adopted taxonomy and starts with modeling costs to the technology towers. TBM Program technology towers are key to the foundation and support moving to the next level of maturity which entails modeling costs to the applications, business services and business capabilities.

Modeling Cost to Technology Towers

Taxpayer Savings from Dept of Revenue

The WA State Department of Revenue has developed a very cool new visualization of the savings to taxpayers from various tax incentives and policies. It's a Tableau interactive visualization posted online, (see below) and the data behind it is also available for bulk download as an Excel file.

Agency contracts data

The State of WA publishes a variety of large datasets on government contracts that are often of interest to transparency advocates and the civic tech community.  Here are a couple of examples that deserve more attention:

Agency Contracts with vendors active in 2014

(data provided by WA Dept of Enterprise Services - click here for the table)

TBM Navigating Change & Process Improvements

Navigating TBM Program Changes

Washington state TBM Program journey started in 2012. The program encountered and overcame several challenges during the early years. Leveraging lessons learned, in 2016 the community supported a program "reboot" that was more centered on a strategic approach resulting in increased value. Following are published articles on navigating TBM Program changes and capturing value in Washington state.

Visualization Interns Pitch Their Product

Four teams of interns pitched their work product to state agency and tech sector mentors this week on the sidelines of Full Con Tech - the innovative problem-solving unconference in Seattle.

These students have worked through the summer with mentorship from companies like Microsoft, Socrata, Tableau and LiveStories to understand, clean up and visualize data from state agencies like Employment Security, Labor and Industries, Revenue and Early Learning.  And the visualizations were EXCELLENT. 

TBM Taxonomy

To facilitate communication and gain alignment between IT, Finance and Business areas we recognized a common language or taxonomy was needed.  The program initially used a "custom" taxonomy to identify pools of cost and technologies which resulted in everyone speaking a common language however led to missed opportunities in executive level reporting. To close the gap on the reporting,  beginning fiscal year 2017 the program moved to industry standard TBM Taxonomy that’s governed and maintained by the TBM Council Board Committee on Standards.

TBM 2022-2023 Strategic Initiatives

Our goals for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 include migrating to a new core financial system known as Workday and assisting agencies using technology business management (TBM) to mature their IT portfolio management initiatives using TBM data driven analysis.

TBM Roles & Responsibilities

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

  • Establishes strategy, vision, roadmap and goals for statewide adoption, working collaboratively with agencies and Apptio
  • Manages Apptio contract and facilitates related agreements as well as associated billing and invoices
  • Business owner of TBM program enterprise policies and processes
  • Facilitates change management, governance process and formally requests changes approved through that process
  • Creates enterprise reports tied to statewide initiatives/goals

TBM Program in Action

The TBM Program monitors statewide IT spend by capturing data on new expenditures (IT Acquisitions), ongoing expenditures (Maintenance and Operations) and spend between agencies (EL Charges - Data Processing InterAgency). 

Technology Business Management (TBM)

TBM is a set of best practices for running IT like a business to effectively and consistently communicate the cost of IT along with the business services IT provides. The primary goal of TBM is to provide the ability of IT and business leaders to have data-driven discussions about cost and value of IT to best support business goals.