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Electronic Signature Guidelines Published

RCW 19.360 authorizes state agencies to use electronic signatures to conduct their business unless otherwise prohibited. However, the decision to use or rely on electronic signatures is one that each agency must make on their own, based on a business assessment and risk analysis.   

Links to Agency Electronic Signature or Record Policies

July 2020 Update

  1. Effective June 11,2020, SB 6028 chapter 57 replaces RCW 19.360.010-060 (2015) and adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). UETA has been adopted by 47 other states.

Making It Easier to Find Guidelines & Communications

Guideline and communications material is now located in a separate location on the OCIO site with a goal of making it easier to find and use. 

Guidance: Open Data Definitions

Note: In order to keep OCIO policies clear and short, definitions are not part of the published policy.  The section below relates to OCIO Policy 187 Open Data Planning, and was included with the draft. Terms defined here will be added to the common OCIO policy on definitions.

Guidance: Agency Open Data Plans

Guidance: Agency Open Data Plans


This plan is adopted by _______ (“the agency”) pursuant to the Open Data Policy established by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and is intended to satisfy the requirements of applicable statute, including 43.105.351.

This plan will be adopted by reference in the agency’s strategic plan, IT strategic plan, and/or LEAN agenda.


The agency commits to the following general priorities, specific actions, and measures in the twelve months following the adoption date of this Plan: