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Master Addressing Steering Committee (WAMAS)

This is the landing page for meeting materials related to the WA Master Addressing Steering Committee.


Upcoming Meeting

February 13, 2020 2:15-3:30; 1500 Jefferson St SE, Room 2332

Previous Meeting Agendas & Notes:

Geospatial Portal Steering Committee

This is the landing page for all meeting material related to the GeoPortal subcommittee.

WAMAS Technical Documentation & Flyers

Here you will find information that goes into depth about the addressing service API's that have been created for use by state and local government.

General Description & Information Flyers:

WAMAS Technical Support

You will find here information that will help to explain how to use these addressing services.  The attached documents and training materials go into further detail about these services. 

Make sure to take a look at the Technical Documentation & Information Flyers sub-page as well!

GeoPortal Technical Resources

Provided here are more technical details about the GeoPortals infrastructure, operations and  governance. 

Accessing WAMAS Services

Provided here are the documents you'll need to submit to gain access to the WAMAS application programming interfaces (API's).  These services are open to any and all governmental entities.

You will need to complete all three (3) documents in order to access these authoritative services.

160.00 Geospatial Data Management Policy


This policy applies to state of Washington executive branch agencies, agencies headed by separately elected officials, and institutions of higher education referred to as “agencies” throughout this document.  Academic and research applications at institutions of higher education are exempt.


Email Address Naming Standards