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Getting Started with TBM

Developing the Statewide Cost Model

In the State of Washington, cost modeling is done in accordance with the adopted taxonomy and starts with modeling costs to the technology towers. TBM Program technology towers are key to the foundation and support moving to the next level of maturity which entails modeling costs to the applications, business services and business capabilities.

Modeling Cost to Technology Towers

Modeling Cost to the Business


TBM Program Mapping File and Templates

Using industry standard TBM taxonomies, the program overlays the Cost Pool taxonomy across the state chart of account. Agencies use a Techology Tower mapping template to document their agency cost centers to the IT Resource Towers using the following Chart of Account mapping file and Technology Tower mapping template.

Cost Pool Mapping to State Chart of Account

Technology Tower Mapping template (Labor)

Technology Tower Mapping template (Non-Labor)

Agency maturity and advancement - Application and business kick start template


TBM Program Resources

The program has developed resources to help agencies with their Technology Tower mappings. The following optional resources are intended to supplement, not replace, agency specific instructions and desk manuals.

Technology Tower Mapping - Best Practice Quick Guide

Technology Tower Mapping for Enterprise Allocations (Recommended)

Technology Tower Mapping by SO-SSO (Recommended)


TBM Program Reporting

Reports available through the TBM Program provide cost transparency and serve multiple audiences.  The program has developed a quick start navigation guide to jump start user viewing.

Cost Transparency Quick Start Navigation Guide

Cost Transparency Report Collection Guide


OCIO TBM Data Sharing Agreement

As agencies in the TBM Program mature their practices, they are loading complementary datasets to support data driven decision making.  For these agencies, a data sharing agreement has been established governing how the agency data is handled.

OCIO TBM Interagency Data Sharing Agreement (Online Form)

OCIO TBM Interagency Data Sharing Agreement (PDF - to read offline)


Additional Resources for Getting Started

Federal Government GSA Technology Business Management Playbook